Placement Testing


R-CCC requires the majority of applicants seeking admission into curriculum programs to take a placement test before registering for classes.  The tests (COMPASS and Accuplacer) are untimed, computerized tests that assesses reading, writing and math skills.  They are not pass or fail tests, but are assessments designed to determine your academic readiness for your program of interest. Test results are provided at the end of the testing session.  The results may indicate a need for developmental courses to prepare you for college level work. An application for admission must be on file in Student Services prior to testing. Test scores are valid for five years.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I take the COMPASS™ and/or Accuplacer test?

Please refer to the testing schedule below.

What should I bring?

Students must present a current state-issued identification with picture (driver’s license or state I.D.) to the test administrator.

How can I study for the COMPASS™ and Accuplacer?

Practice tests are available online.


For Accuplacer:

Can I use a calculator on the test?

Yes, a calculator can be used while taking the test.

Are the COMPASS™ or Accuplacer tests timed?

No, the COMPASS™ test is not timed.


There is no cost for placement testing.

Important Facts to Remember
  • Take your time!
  • Read all directions carefully and completely.
  • Ask the proctor if you have any questions.
  • Wait for the computer to respond.
  • Do not click or press enter more than once on the computer.
  • Get plenty of rest the night before
  • Eat a healthy breakfast the day of the test.




One Stop Placement Testing and Registration –  Summer 2014


Fall 2014 Testing Schedules (Jul – Dec 2014)

For GED Students, click here

Please click on the link provided to the left of this page for more information regarding the New GED® Verification, Transcript and Diploma Request Procedures

For Curriculum Students: click here

To schedule an appointment for testing, call the Testing Center at (252) 862-1238.



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