Guidelines for the Election of New Officers


Election of Officers
Section A – Election for President, Vice President, and Secretary will be held during spring semester. Public Information Officer, Parliamentarian, and Treasurer shall be conducted by the end of the fourth week of the fall semester. Upon election, they shall serve from election until the next election for their respective offices.

Section B – Qualifications for office shall be as follows: (1) All Executive Council officers must be full-time students. (2) President and Vice President must have been enrolled for two semesters and be in “Good Standing” with the College at the time of nomination and for the remainder of the year. (3) The Secretary, Communications Officer, Parliamentarian, and Treasurer must be in “Good Standing” at the time of nomination and for the remainder of the year. First semester students would be assumed to be in “Good Standing.”

Section C – Procedure of elections shall be as follows: (1) All officers shall be elected by secret ballot, all students paying an activity fee and possessing a student identification card may vote. To place his name on the ballot, a candidate must submit a petition containing the signatures of at least twenty-five (25) members to the SGA. There shall be no duplication of SGA members among candidates for the same office. (2) Petitions must be submitted by the date indicated on the Student Activities Calendar. (3) Candidates may make a campaign presentation during election week, if they so desire.

Section D – Elections shall be as follows: (1) All officers shall be elected by secret ballot. (2) Elections shall take place on the date indicated on the Student Activities Calendar at the designated polling station(s). (3) All voting members shall show identification cards before receiving their ballots. (4) No one shall assist or advise the voter in completing the ballot except the election managers, who may only explain the rules of the election. (5) The candidate receiving a majority shall be named the winner of the election. In the event of a tie, a run-off election between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be held to determine a winner. (6) Ballots shall be counted in secret by the SGA Advisor and a designee appointed by the Dean of Student Services. Under no circumstances shall a candidate for office be present at the counting of the ballots. (7) Results of the elections shall be posted by the next class day following elections. Winning candidates shall be notified personally and in writing by the SGA President as soon as possible. (8) All ballots shall be kept for a minimum of two weeks.

“Good Standing” as defined in the R-CCC Student Handbook is deemed as a 2.00 GPA.

  Important Dates


April 15-19

Candidates must file petitions. Petitions will be available in Student Services as well as attached in your College G-mail Account. All candidates must have petitions turned in by 3:00 pm on Friday, April 19 to Mr. Tremaine Kwasikpui (NSC 111H).

April 23

Candidates Meeting – All candidates must be present. This will be a brief meeting to acknowledge all rules and regulations of the elections. Meeting will be held in the Jernigan Building Auditorium at 11am.

April 24

Candidates will be allowed to campaign.                                             

April 25, 26, & 29

Voting will take place in Voting Booths inside Student Services. Students must present their Student ID. Voting will be open 8:30am – 6:30pm.

April 30

2013-14 Student Government Association Officers will be announced at the Student Appreciation Luncheon.


Positions Available


President          Vice-President           Secretary

                        Treasurer          Parliamentarian         Public Information Officer