Special Credit/Visiting Student


If you are enrolled at another college or university, courses at Roanoke-Chowan Community College (R-CCC) can be an affordable and convenient way of completing required classes. The credits you earn here will transfer easily to your college.  It is advisable to consult with your school to ensure transferability before taking the course.

Guidelines for Enrolling as a Special Credit/Visiting Student:

Step 1. Apply for Admissions


Complete an application for admission either in person at the Admissions Office or online.

Step 2. Provide Official Transcripts

Prerequisite requirements for courses are the SAME for both degree seeking and Special Credit Students.  If the courses for which you plan to enroll have prerequisites, documentation that the prerequisites have been met must be provided prior to enrolling.

Step 3: Submit Registration Form

Complete, sign, and return the student registration form either via e-mail at afwiggins7415@roanokechowan.edu or fax at (252) 862-1355 or mail.                         

  • View Student Registration Form
Step 4: Pay Tuition and Fees

Bills are handled through the college’s Business Office. You can pay your tuition and fees by phone, by mail, or in person

Step 5: Obtain Student Identification Card

Students must obtain their student identification card prior to purchasing books from Student Services located in Suite 111 of the Student Services Center.

Step 6: Purchase Books

Bring your course schedule with you along with your current student id to the R-CCC’s campus bookstore, located in the Jernigan Building, Room 111 and the staff will help you find what you need. You can also purchase your books online.

Step 7: Get Updates and Print Your Schedule

The week before classes begin, logon to your WebAdvisor account to check for any changes and print your class schedule.

and finally, enroll in class!!

*Please be aware that Special Credit students are NOT eligible to receive Financial Aid.