How Do I Drop an Online Class?

Last dates for dropping any course without penalty are located in the current semester’s calendar on our College website.

Look for the dates appropriate to the particular type of course (16-week, first 8-week, or second 8-week courses).

Any student wishing to drop a class is responsible for obtaining and completing a drop form from Student Development Services.

The Registration Withdrawal Change Form (Drop-Add) is available online at under Student Services Forms.  Both student and instructor signatures are required.

How Do I Drop the Class if My Online Instructor Off Campus?

If your class is online and your instructor does not have an office on our campus, you should complete these 3 steps:

  1. Complete the Registration Withdrawal Change Form (Drop-Add), including your signature in the appropriate place.
  2. Submit the form by one (1) of these three options:
    • Bring the completed form in person to Student Development Services
    • Fax it to 252-862-1355, to the attention of our registrar.
    • Scan the completed form and send it through email attachment to
  3. Email your instructor asking that he/she submit his/her approval for you to drop, your last date of attendance, and grade to Amy Wiggins at