Instructions for Early Alert Form

Please Read Prior to Completing Form



NOTE:  The Early Alert Form can ONLY be submitted to Student Support Services (SSS) AFTER the   instructor has held a conference with the student.

Instructors typically have more contact with students than anyone else on campus and are in the best position to notice when students are having a difficult time.  Here are some tips for identifying students in crisis and responding effectively.

STEP 1: Identifying Students in Need

Here are a few examples of behaviors which can indicate a student is in need of some extra support:

  • Sudden downturn in academic performance                                            
  • Poor attendance     
  • Visible signs of stress (tearful, unusually irritable, intensely anxious, etc.)
  • Patterns of disturbing content in written or oral assignments*
  • Stressful life events (death of loved one, divorce, ended friendships, illness, job loss, etc.)
  • Significant  changes in personality*
  • Significant weight gain or loss in brief amount of time
  • Appearing confused, disoriented*
  • Significant changes in personality*

*Threatening or violent behaviors warrant contacting Campus Security immediately.

STEP 2: Expressing Concern to Students (prior to submission of the form to SSS)

Oftentimes instructors feel awkward in broaching their concerns with a student; it can be helpful to remember that most people are grateful to hear that someone has taken an interest in them. When initiating this conversation, some helpful phrases are:

“I’ve noticed your grades have been dropping.” 

“You’ve been falling asleep in class . . .’’

“I’ve noticed some things lately that concern me.”

“Your absences have caught my attention.”

“I want to see you succeed, but it seems like you have been struggling lately.”

“I see a lot of potential in you.”

 “When I’m in a difficult spot, I find it helpful to talk with someone.”


STEP 3: Complete the Early Alert Form

1st - Access the Early Alert Form by going to the College web site, opening the “Faculty and Staff” link, and clicking on the “Documentation” link.

2nd – Fill out the Student Information/Contact Section.

3rd – Complete the “Concerns” Section of the Early Alert Form.

4th – Finalize your referral and click the “send” button to submit the form. 


Contact/Submission Information

If you have further questions, please contact Sandra Copeland, Counselor in Student Support Services at or 252.862.1293.