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Spring 2015 Associate of Arts Online Course Options

First 8 weeks (Jan. 6-March 3)
ACA 122 MIC11 College Transfer Success
ART 111 MIC11 Art Appreciation
CIS 110 MIC11 Introduction to Computers

ENG 111 MIC11 Writing & Inquiry (previously Expository Writing)
PED 110 MIC11 Fit & Well for Life
PSY 150 MIC11 General Psychology

Second 8 weeks (March 4-May 6)
ART 111 MIC21 Art Appreciation
COM 231 MIC21 Public Speaking
ENG 112 MIC21 Writing & Research in the Disciplines (previously Argument-Based Research)
HEA 110 MIC21 Health and Wellness
MUS 110 MIC21 Music Appreciation
PSY 241 MIC21 Developmental Psychology
SOC 210 MIC21 Introduction to Sociology

16-week courses (Jan. 6-May 6)
ACA122 MIC21 College Transfer Success
BIO 111 IC1 General Biology I

BIO 112 IC1 General Biology II
BIO 275 IC1 Microbiology
BUS 110 IC1 Introduction to Business
CHM 132 IC1 Organic and Biochemistry
CHM 152 IC1 General Chemistry II
CIS 110 IC1 Introduction to Computers
CJC 141 IC1 Corrections
ENG 111 IC1 Writing & Inquiry (previously Expository Writing)

ENG 112 IC1 Writing & Research in the Disciplines (previously Argument-Based Research)
ENG 232 IC1 American Literature II
HIS 131 IC1 American History I
HUM 115 IC1 Critical Thinking
HUM 120 IC1 Cultural Studies
MUS 110 IC1 Music Appreciation
PHI 240 IC1 Introduction to Ethics
SOC 210 IC1 Introduction to Sociology