R-CCC Distance Learning

distance learning @ r-CCC

At Roanoke-Chowan Community College, distance learning involves these three major types:

Internet or online classes (IC1, IC2, MIC11, MIC21, etc. class sections), in which all instruction takes place through the Internet. We use Moodle as our online course environment.

Hybrid classes (HD1, HN1, MHD11, MHD21 class sections, etc.) in which part of the instruction occurs live, on campus, while the remaining instruction occurs online through our Moodle course environment.

In Video conferencing (IH sections) or North Carolina Information Highway classes, students physically meet together in a classroom during specific days and times each week. Communication between the instructor and the students is achieved through video conferencing. The instructor is not physically on campus. If you enroll in these classes, you must follow policies and procedures of the instructor’s college, including start and end dates as well as course withdrawal procedures.

If you are unsure whether online classes are right for you, take a look at the Moodle Orientation course, especially an assignment called Are You Ready for Online Learning?

If you do not yet have your Moodle ID or password, you may use the word visitor as your user name and password.

Students should also be aware that there are a number of system requirements needed to successfully participate in online classes. Click here to see the system requirements needed for Moodle.

R-CCC charges no student fees solely associated with Distance Learning courses.

Contact the Distance Learning Director, 252-862-1242, JER, LRC 109, or online@roanokechowan.edu if you need assistance.