Public Safety Program(Continuing Education)

Public Safety Program

Roanoke-Chowan Community College’s Public Safety Program is made up of many different programs.  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) programs, Fire programs, In-Service Law Enforcement programs, Motorcycle Safety programs and CPR programs help to make up the Public Safety Program.

Emergency Medical Services program offers initial and continuing education for all levels of certification.  EMT, Advance EMT and Paramedic level services are available for more information click on the EMS link or call (252) 862-1266.

The Fire program is designed for North Carolina Firefighters.  Whether looking to become a certified firefighter or just brush up on some skills we offer many different classes at many different locations.  For more information click on the Fire link or call (252) 862-1266.

The In-Service Law Enforcement program is a program designed for already sworn officers, detention officers or telecommunicators.  The Department of Justice dictates what classes are to be taught, but our highly trained instructors make the classes fun.  For more information on the In-Service Law Enforcement program, click on the In-Service Law Enforcement link or call (252) 862-1266.

Motorcycle Safety is a program that is a class that takes place in one weekend.  You will actually be trained to safely navigate your motorcycle or one that is provided to you through a standardized course.  When you successfully finish, you be able to take your certificate to the Division of Motor Vehicles, take a written test and get your Motorcycle license.  For more information on Motorcycle Safety click on the Motorcycle Safety link or call (252) 862-1266.

American Heart Association CPR is broken down into two different classes.  One is Healthcare Provider CPR, this is a CPR for nurses, CNAs, EMTs and other healthcare providers.  The other is CPR and First Aid, this is a CPR for churches, babysitters, and other people who would like to be prepared for the worse.  For more information on CPR, click on the CPR link or call (252) 862-1266.