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Message from the Workforce Development Committee


At  Roanoke-Chowan  Community  College,  we  understand  that your business needs to have access to a highly-skilled workforce. The College is here to assist you in developing our local workforce into the talented and qualified employees that you seek. Whether your   organization   is   facing   changes   due   to   technology   or expansions, we are here to assist you with training your current workforce to meet your new industry demands.

This guide highlights many of the services available at Roanoke- Chowan Community College (R-CCC).  We offer a wide variety of programs and courses, both on and off campus. Specific training courses and programs also are offered on a routine basis and upon request from fire, law, and rescue personnel.  If you have a training need not included in this guide, please ask and we may be able to create a course just for your organization!

We look forward to establishing a collaborative partnership with your organization to ensure its success and the success of R-CCC students and our local community.    Let us help you connect to a highly qualified and credentialed workforce!

Click here to download the Employee Brochure for more information.