High School Admissions

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High School Admissions


New Guidelines for high school admissions will be announced effective January 1, 2012.

Current Guidelines:

High school students may be permitted to enroll in college courses provided they meet the criteria for Concurrent Enrollment, Huskins, or the LEO programs under the following conditions:

  1. The students must be in Grades 9-12 for enrollment in the Huskins or LEO Programs.
  2. The students must be at least 16 years of age for enrollment in the Concurrent Enrollment Program.
  3. The students must be recommended by the chief administrative officer of the high school and approved by the superintendent and RCCC’s president or designee.
  4. The administrative officer of the high school must certify that the students are taking the equivalent of one-half of a full-time course schedule and are making progress toward graduation, or (in the case of LEO courses offered in the first term of the summer session) must certify that the student took the equivalent of one-half of a full-time schedule during the preceding year. Non-graduate high school students must be returning in the fall to qualify for the second summer session or fall term.
  5. Concurrent Enrollment students may be admitted for any semester on a space available basis provided they do not displace adult college students.
  6. The students must meet the same course admission requirements as adult college students.

The student must complete and submit a college admission’s application and meet other general entrance requirements. Also, a completed RCCC Huskins Bill Approval Form and/or a Concurrent Enrollment and LEO Approval Form must be submitted with all required signatures.

The Concurrent Enrollment, Huskins, and LEO students are exempt from tuition and must follow the same regulations as adult college students.  However, the Concurrent Enrollment and Huskins courses do not include the general education courses with the exception of math, science, and some computer technology courses. High School students must check with their respective high schools for transportation requirements.

Home schooled students may apply through the Concurrent and LEO programs.

Some schooled students may apply through the Huskins program only if they have written permission from a local Local School Administrative Unit (LSAU).

According to State guidelines, high school students in either of the Concurrent Enrollment, Huskins, or LEO programs may not enroll in developmental courses at the College.