Job Descriptions

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Job Descriptions


The purposes of a job description are:

  • To communicate duties and responsibilities of a position to the employee
  • To articulate the essential job duties for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) purposes
  • To determine the proper classification or grade level for a position
  • To describe skills, knowledge, and abilities for recruitment
  • To develop hiring specifications
  • To design and restructure jobs
  • To provide effective employee training and development
  • To serve as a basis for performance expectations

Who Prepares a Job Description?

The immediate Supervisor or the employee can complete the job description, depending on which person is more familiar with the position. If the incumbent is new to the job or the position is new, the Supervisor may wish to complete the job description. If the employee completes it, the Supervisor needs to validate it.  Supervisors have authority to determine the actual duties and responsibilities of the position.

Job descriptions are final with the approval from the President or his designee.