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Roanoke-Chowan Community College is a comprehensive two-year public institution located in Northeastern North Carolina where it serves a diverse student population and seeks to be student centered and committed to an open-door admissions policy. The college strives to serve the needs of individuals; its communities, business and industry; and other organizations by providing opportunities for life-long learning through quality educational programs and training that is relevant; economical; convenient; and life altering.

Many of our constituents are beset with challenges that act as barriers to even modest success; therefore, we see it as part of our mission to act as a catalyst in the creation of educational opportunities and training that can maximize individual and group potential within our service area. The College seeks to do this through contributing substantially to the educational goals of our students and by meeting the training needs of new and expanding industries within our service area.

The College also recognizes that even though our service area is challenged socially and economically, the span of our influence on our students must be global in nature. The College attempts to provide education and training, delivered through a diversity of modalities, which include traditional and non-traditional approaches to teaching and learning.

  1. Develop both personal and marketable skills in all students.
  2. Develop basic learning skills in all students.
  3. Enable students to continue their education at other institutions.
  4. Increase the global and cultural awareness of students and community.
  5. Provide for the training needs of local business and industry.
  6. Enhance the quality of life in the community.

The Board will periodically review its mission statement, usually every three years, to make sure it is current, comprehensive, and accurately guides the institution’s operations.



Roanoke-Chowan Community College is a premier learning institution dedicated to preparing learners in our community and beyond to succeed in a diverse global society.



We value social justice: innovation, diversity, access, equity with compassion.