New Clubs and Organizations

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Forming a Club or Organization


In order for a club to be recognized by the Roanoke Chowan Community College Student Government Association there are a few documents that must be on file as well as rules to follow.

  1. Find at least 7 members who are currently enrolled at Roanoke- Chowan Community College and secure their names and signatures.
  2. Select an advisor. A full-time faculty or staff must advise all student organizations. If you need help finding an advisor contact the Office of Student Services.
  3. Develop a set of bylaws. Your bylaws are the guidelines by which your organization operates. This document should contain the following sections:
    • Name of the organization
    • Purpose of the organization
    • Criteria for membership
    • Officers of the organization and their responsibilities
    • The Election process
    • Meeting requirements
    • Faculty/Staff Advisors
    • Parliamentary Rules (if applicable)
    • Membership fees (local, if applicable, regional, state and national)
    • Process by which the bylaws may be amended
  4. Meet with interested students and elect/appoint officers
  5. Submit Update Form with roster and bylaws to Student Development Services
  6. All new student organizations must be approved by the Dean of Student Services