Quality Enhancement Plan

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Q.E.P. = Quality Enhancement Plan
and is a part of R-CCC’s reaccreditation document

What is the QEP topic?
Active Learning & Collaborative Learning

What is Active Learning?
Anything students do in the classroom to learn other than passive listening.

What is Collaborative Learning?
Students working together on an activity or project.

What is the title of the topic?
Get in the Game … and S.C.O.R.E.!

What does S.C.O.R.E stand for?
Student Collaboration: Opportunities for Reaching Excellence

What does S.A.C.S stand for and what is it?
Southern Association for Colleges and Schools &
It is the southern region accrediting body for all 58 community colleges in NC

When will S.A.C.S. perform its on-site visit?
October 11, 12, and 13 of 2011


QEP Video Created by Group A in DME 110 (Intro toDigital Media)

QEP Video Created by Group B in DME 110 (Intro toDigital Media)