Student Of the Month – February

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Congratulations Angelo Casiano!

R-CCC’s Student of the Month – February 2013



The Office of Student Development Services is pleased to announce Angelo Casiano as the Student of the Month for February.  Angelo is the President of the Roanoke-Chowan CC Science Association.  Mr. Marcel Montane, Division Director, College Transfer & General Education, nominated Angelo and had this say about him, “He is a very dynamic individual and has a lot of diverse plans for the science club.  I see Angelo as one of the rising stars on campus and he truly cares about the campus community.” In addition to being a student, Angelo has taught a Women’s Self-Defense Class at R-CCC and is in the process of planning another one. 



Angelo provided the following responses when asked these questions:


1. Why did you decide to pursue a degree at Roanoke-Chowan Community College?

“It was not time to leave home yet. God closed all of the doors and opened the door for this school.  I am very glad that this school is here for me. This school saves me from staying home and doing nothing with my life. This school is much alike an airport, a place where students can chose their path and fly to their destinations. While attending here, I realized that this is the place where my degree should be achieved. “


2. What do you enjoy most about being a student at R-CCC?

“Many people believe that an education at a rural community college can never compete against an education at some expensive university, but I greatly disagree. I love this school for challenging and pushing me. There is an air of family in this school, with welcoming staff and teachers. I brought up the notion to a staff member that the school should have a choir, and in a month that dream was being fulfilled. The teachers are not only friendly, but good at their professions. Also, this school invites creativity and leadership. Nevertheless, what I enjoy the most about this school is its potential to grow beyond expectation.”


3. How has being a student at R-CCC helped you to reach some of your educational goals?

“My goal in education is to never stop learning, a message that R-CCC supports. I have seen people in this school, both young and elderly, who have the passion to be more, to do more. The level of talent that this school encompasses is staggering and exciting. My goal in this school, specifically, is to challenge myself to do and be more. I have never led a club, and yet R-CCC gave me the opportunity. I have never been one to really express my opinions or how I think a place can be improved, and yet R-CCC invites student involvement. Now, I plan on doing even more, for the better of the community, through R-CCC.”


4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


“I do not know where I will be or what I will be. I have been gifted with a variety of talents. At times, I do wonder what my purpose in life is and what I am supposed to do. But what I do know is that in 5 years, because of R-CCC, I will be closer to achieving my dreams. I will have completed my bachelors and moved on to masters. I want to be a medical doctor and yet there is still a half of me that wants to compose music. I trust that my experience with R-CCC will help in pointing me in the right direction.”