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Distance Learning

Our distance learning (DL) program provides quality instruction through electronic technologies to enable students to attain their educational goals. The program allows a larger number of people in the community and beyond to attain their educational and enrichment goals through the reduction of barriers of time and place. More than 65% of the college’s students enroll in courses that use DL methods. At R-CCC, distance learning involves three major types:

Internet/Online Classes

Internet or online classes, in which all instruction takes place through the Internet. We use Moodle as our online course environment.

Hybrid Classes

Hybrid classes in which part of the instruction occurs live, on campus, while the remaining instruction occurs online through our Moodle course environment.

Synchronous Classes

In synchronous courses, students can attend class in-person and online at the same time. Students engage in learning activities in real-time simultaneously, regardless of physical location. This method allows for greater flexibility in how students attend class, providing the interaction of a face-to-face class while being in a different location.

All of our online courses are designed for students who are prepared for college-level work. If you are interested in online courses, feel free to check out our curriculum Moodle site at or our Continuing Education Moodle site at

And, it’s important to note that R-CCC charges no student fees solely associated with DL courses.

Contact the Distance Learning Director, 252-862-1242, JER, LRC 111, or if you need assistance.

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