Career and College Promise

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Success in today’s global economy may require a two-or four-year degree, a certificate or diploma. Through Career & College Promise (CCP), qualified high-school-age students in North Carolina have the opportunity to pursue these options, tuition free, while they are in high school, allowing them to get a jumpstart on their workplace and college preparation.

Roanoke-Chowan Community College’s Career and College Promise Program (CCP) was created in 2012 to provide seamless dual enrollment opportunities for eligible North Carolina high school students to accelerate completion of college certificates, diplomas, and associate degrees that lead to college transfer or provide entry-level job skills.  C&CP replaces all earlier dual-enrollment programs, including Huskins, and Learn and Earn.

C&CP offers the following pathways for high school students:

College Transfer Pathways

If you are a junior or senior planning to attend a four-year college after high school, this pathway will allow you to complete some of the core general education classes required during the first two years of a four-year degree.

The Pathways require the completion of at least thirty semester hours of transfer courses, including English and mathematics and ACA 122 College Transfer Success.

 Career Technical Pathways – for Freshmen and Sophomores

 The Career and College Promise Career Technical Education Pathway for freshmen and sophomores leads to an industrial or engineering certificate or diploma aligned with a high school Career Cluster.

Career Technical Pathways – for Junior and Seniors

The Career and College Promise Career Technical Education Pathway for juniors and seniors leads to a certificate or diploma aligned with a high school Career Cluster.

Cooperative Innovative (Early College) High School

Designed for motivated students looking for a non-traditional high school experience, this pathway allows rising ninth graders the opportunity to earn their high school diplomas and two years of college credit within five years.

Eligibility requirements for Cooperative Innovative High School Programs are established jointly by local boards of education and local boards of trustees in accordance with G.S. 115C-238.50.

Interested students should check with their high school guidance counselor to verify eligibility.

Career and College Promise Frequently Asked Questions

For Additional Information, please call Amy Wiggins at 252-862-1225.