SGA Officers

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2015-2016 Student Government Association Officers


SGA President:                                                                        Randy Artis

                                                                                                Student Services Center, Room 108


SGA Vice-President:                                                               Dezimber Sawyer


Secretary:                                                                                  Lydia Murphy


Treasurer:                                                                               Monique Sawyer


Parliamentarian:                                                                    Hajee Mebane


Public Information Officer:                                                   Stephanie Todd


Student Activities and Student Government Association (SGA)

A student activities program is developed and sponsored annually by the SGA and the Student Activities Coordinator.
Such activities may include intramurals; club memberships; sporting events; and educational, cultural, and social events.  Any other type of curricular department social functions must be appropriately approved. Students are expected to conduct themselves with honor and exhibit high standards of responsible citizenship during all college functions whether on or off campus.

Student Activity Fee – What Are My Student Activity Fees Used For?

Each student enrolled at R-CCC pays an activity fee.  These fees are used to pay for a variety of activities and to defray the cost of many services for students.  The funds are administered by the Student Government Association.
The following is
a list of such activities and services:

  • Welcome Back Event                                    
  • Student Recognitions
  • Student ID Card (1)                                      
  • SGA Travel to Meetings & Conferences
  • Student Publications                                    
  • Fall Festival/Spring Fling
  • Multi-cultural events & activities              
  • Monetary Assistance to New Chartered Clubs