Staff Directory for Continuing Education and Workforce Development

Allied Health

Jamie Burns, Program Coordinator                           252-862-1219     Freeland Building, Office 119B

Business and Industry

Wendy Vann, Associate Dean                                     252-862-1234     Freeland Building, Office 125

Career and College Readiness

Tishadda Walton, Director                                            252-862-1309     Freeland Building, Office 126A

Tenia Stevenson,                                                             252-862-1258     Freeland Building, Office 126B

Instructional & Assessment Specialist  


Human Resources Development

Lewis Hoggard, III, Coordinator                                  252-862-1277     Jernigan Building, LRC 100-04

Public Safety

William Blanchard, EMS Coordinator                       252-862-1201     Jernigan Building, Office 111

Michael Barnes, Fire Coordinator                             252-862-1389     Jernigan Building, Office 122

Megan Hunnicutt, Administrative Assistant           252-862-1266     Jernigan Building, Office 113                       


Records and Registration

Shirley Gay, Registrar                                                    252-862-1304     Freeland Building, Office 147      

Small Business Center

Director (vacant)                                                          252-862-1279     Freeland Building, Office 120

Andrea Fennell, Administrative Assistant                252-862-1304     Freeland Building, Office 120